Mobile Lift

The Burr Mobile-Lift Outside Model for conventional vehicles and motorhomes offers you the ultimate in quiet convenience and independence. It requires no disassembly of your 3 or 4-wheel electric scooter or wheelchair — simply drive it on, attach the safety harness, and push the switch. The Mobile-Lift raises and locks any scooter in place on the back of your vehicle in just 60 seconds so you can be on your way.

Includes Free Shipping in the Lower 48 States!
Regular Lift Big Tray Motor Home
The Mobile-Lift Outside Model folds up out of the way when not in use. Just unfasten the lock-up strap and lower the platform when ready to use. Once your scooter is on the platform and the brake is locked, push the switch to raise and stop halfway. Attach the adjustable safety belts and finish raising until the Mobile-Lift automatically locks into place. Then just drive away! The unit folds down for access to the car's trunk, or the rear of station wagons, vans, or pick-up trucks.
$1,075.00 $1,220.00 $1,095.00
Without Remote Without Remote Without Remote

$1,174.50 $1,319.50 $1,194.50
With Remote With Remote With Remote

Click here to download a PDF Brochure for the Mobile-Lift viewable with Acrobat Reader.

Click here to download a PDF brochure for the Mobile-Lift Installation and Operating Instructions viewable with Acrobat Reader.

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